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Meet the Benin Management team, successfully managing the financial accounts of corporate and personal clients since 1973. We treat you like family because we are family.
Peter Benin
Karen Benin
Christopher Benin
President and CEO
Peter Benin

Peter Benin has over forty years experience overseeing the day-to-day  management of his client's financial investments.  Peter attended Tuft's University where he received a Bachelor's Degree in Biology.  He furthered his education by attending St. John's University Law School. Peter worked for ten years on Wall Street with Dreyfus, Black and Company and Bear Stearns Capital learning the investment and trading business before beginning his own company in Connecticut. For almost half a century, Peter as Founder and President of BMC, has grown a faithful client base and is still actively involved in the company working with investments and clients daily.

Chief Compliance Officer
Karen Benin

Karen Benin graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. Upon graduation, she interned with the Nature Conservancy before making a move to an office setting at Greenfield Online. She worked in marketing and market research for over two years until she switched to Benin Management Corporation in 2005. Karen worked her way up in BMC by becoming proficient in research, compliance information, and back-office duties. In 2010, Karen was appointed CCO of Benin Management where she now oversees the office and is in charge of compliance. Karen also continues to do investment research and client service.

Chief Investment Officer
Chris Benin

Christopher Benin has spent a lifetime in the financial business. As Peter’s son, Chris grew up in the world of finance and investments. Chris attended Franklin and Marshall College where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. He then attended Washington University Law School in St. Louis, Missouri and is a current member of the Connecticut Bar Association. Chris began working for Benin Management in the year 2000 where he has continued to grow in the company. As current Chief Investment Officer, Chris works with clients to meet their financial needs. 

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